New Employee Strategy

New employee training adopts the effective combination of classroom teaching, group discussion, team competition and collective activities, so that new employee can arouse thinking in learning, inspire each other in discussion, practice in competition and display talent in activities.

New employee training is devoted to cultivating a new generation of netizens with open awareness, cooperative spirit and service awareness, responsibility, self-critical ability, understanding the company's values and business philosophy, identifying with the company's culture, mastering basic working knowledge and professional skills, and sustainable development.

Strategies of managers at all levels of the company

The strategy of managers at all levels of the company is designed and developed on the basis of the company's requirements for the qualifications of managers. By using the model of "learning-practice-action", and adopting various methods such as case study, role playing and management game, managers can quickly and effectively accept and understand the content of the strategy and form effective management. Reasonable behavior habits, and gradually embark on the road of professional management.

Technical Training Strategies for All Employees of the Company

The purpose of the technical training system is to respond to the company's corporate values of "the value-added of human capital is superior to the value-added of financial capital". Standing at the height of the whole process of training, and based on the working idea of combining systematic training with routine guidance training, each role is planned and provided in terms of job requirements and career development. Unified training measures, so that the growth of talent and the development of the company promote each other, training professional engineers and professional managers.

Technical training system provides systematic training courses and training means from low to high in the process of career development for each technical role and management role.

Training includes adaptive training and improvement training. Adaptive training promotes each role to adapt to the existing position. The curriculum system mainly includes three parts: role awareness, post responsibility and key behavior, working methods and skills. Improvement training provides quality skills for employees who need to develop to a higher level. Promotion opportunities include higher-level package training, package training in related fields, etc. The technical training system forms the role work manual on the basis of the role curriculum, strives to create a learning atmosphere, promotes routine guidance and "learning by doing", and creates a good environment and supporting conditions for the faster and more training of professional engineers and managers.

Qualification Strategy for Marketing Major

Marketing training system includes marketing on-the-job training, improving training and special business training, which correspond to marketing professional qualification respectively. This system not only meets the company's requirements for the qualifications of marketing cadres at all levels, but also meets the needs of marketing personnel's personal career development. Marketing training integrates internal and external resources, employs the best teachers to develop courses and teach. After years of exploration and practice, it has provided the students with scientific learning methods and advocated learning awareness, so as to achieve the goal of developing the comprehensive ability of marketing personnel from the aspects of human knowledge, quality and skills.

Strategies for Training Expert-level Employees

Professional training system covers human resources, IT, planning, process management and other professional training. The training courses are designed and developed according to the requirements of professional positions and professional development of employees, providing systematic training for the improvement of employees'business and career development. Committed to training human resources management experts, IT network experts, planning experts, process management experts for the company.