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What are the Greeks?

The Greeks are a very bright people, we know a lot about them, their contribution to the history and culture of mankind is enormous. And each of us has our own idea of ​​the appearance of them, which is not so put into words. Well, the main thing is clear - dark skin, darkish hair, and eyebrows, black or brown eyes, a Greek profile - a rather long and large nose, the bridge of the nose is practically not marked, the forehead line passes into the line of the nose. Facial features are usually quite big and expressive.

What about men?

The men of Greek are stocky and have wide bones. Hairiness is increased. The cheekbones of the Greeks have large rectangular eye sockets. The nose deserves special attention, according to the standard it is absolutely straight without depression on the bridge of the nose. But, of course, not everyone has a standard. For many, the tip of the nose is slightly curved downwards, which does not make them less attractive.

What about women?

The women of Greece are bright individualists who have their own outlook on this life and are not afraid to oppose the opinion of society. They have a habit of defending only their own interests and most often they are neutral about various events that do not affect their individual world. What no woman will certainly tolerate is attempts at her freedom. Another typical is pronounced emotionality. To express their feelings, girls do not see the need for half measures. If they cry, then sobbing, and if they laugh, then from the heart. Even the famous steadfastness and thoughtfulness is only a confirmation of this opinion of their character.

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